Bombing in POSCO Area: When we don’t question (March 2013)

It is not even a month old when armed police force invaded Govindapur to forcibly acquire land for POSCO. Since February 3, 2013 this area has been turned in to an armed police camp. Excepting pro-posco goons no one can enter the village and no one can get out. Police patrolling continues for 24 hours. Even cats and dogs can’t enter without police approval. Suddenly there was a bomb attack in the village in the evening of March 2, 2013. Police were informed immediately. They did not respond for 15 hours. But within an hour they could call media to inform them that it was an accident involving bomb making.No media person questioned the SP how could he know it without reaching the spot. 3 important leaders of the anti-posco agitation died on the spot. Two would have survived had they received medical help. One was taken to the hospital by people themselves. One of them had filed a FIR against a very powerful Idco officer who had attacked villagers on February 3, 2013. Our team was among the few people to reach the spot within hours.The images will make any one think and raise questions. When we don’t question, truth is crushed and untruth prevails.

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On February 3, 2013 armed police force entered in to poropsed POSCO project area at 3 AM and unleashed a reign of terror. Atrocities and torture on men and women have been alleged.Their main source of livelihood-betel vines demolished. But soon people could organize themselves and put up a brave resistance- the story of how democracy works in India for corporations and how people are refusing to accept it.

[Click here for a shorter clip of a govt officer beating a POSCO protester]

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