Iron and Steal: The POSCO-India Story

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Iron and Steal: The POSCO-India Story — 13 Comments

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  7. I would like to have a copy of the book Iron and Steal. Can i get a soft copy of it or else i have to pay for it.


    Seela M Mahapatra

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  9. Real good report. I was mildly disappointed that after saying so much and making a solid range of arguments, we hesitate to raise ideological concerns in ideological parlance. Some feel “people do not read all that” or trivialize it as “jargon” while a few continue to make the effort. Bringing ideological discussions in the process of report writing – unhesitantly and unselfconsciously – will help build on our thoughts and politics and draw other like minded souls too. More importantly, it strengthens the resistance to capital. Other that that…this is real good work! I liked it a lot and therefore felt like sharing what’s on my mind too.

    A few queries…are there copies available for sale/circulation in India? Do you plan to release it in Oriya? There’s a real dearth of campaign material (I mean outside the Internet). And this report could do well with good circulation.

    In solidarity,

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